Coordinator . Paco Calles
Exhibition . Centro Multimedia, Cenart

Discursos Digitales
A series of conferences were held around the reflection of three axes: readability, orality and writing in the framework of the Sixth Biennial of Latin American Tipos Latinos 2014, Tipos Latinos - Discursos Digitales.

In 2014 I had the opportunity to participate in the coordination of Tipos Latinos in an unpublished edition. We worked with the Multimedia Center, a space dedicated to the dissemination and production of electronic arts. There the typography is linked with the different research laboratories. The idea was to be able to collaborate with Paco Calles to reflect on the axes of readability, orality and writing that the Digital Publications laboratory was concerned about, so Amanda Lemus its coordinator, Paco, Liliana Quintero and I took on the task of making the link and invite different typographers and researchers that their profile connects with the thematic axes.

Curators exhibition . Desorden del discurso . Amanda Lemus, Liliana Quintero and Mónica Munguía

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