We are a global network with 15 cities around the world where enthusiasts of visual culture, design, letters and neighboring disciplines meet (before the Covid in person) to build community feedback for those who share their work month after month.​​​​​​​
Team in Mexico City
Chapter Lead . Miguel Escamilla @pedazodeaerolito
Dialogue Lead . Mónica Munguía @momutype
Editorial Lead . Natalia Gómez @miheladodevainilla
Welcome Lead . Ulises Ortiz @hulises.oc
We are a chilanga antenna that seeks to diversify culture among passionate about letters in all its manifestations. We want to promote informal meetings that show what is happening in the city and in the country.

We seek to share knowledge among those who produce, appreciate and use lyrics, whether professionally or informally, even as amateurs.

 We want to link, integrate and generate relationships between designers, artists, creatives, educators, practitioners and anyone who finds a fascination for written letters: sign paiting, calligraphy, type design  lettering, printing, letterpress and editorial design.

We are passionate about letters, we see them everywhere; in what we eat, in what we read and on the streets where we walk. So we are waiting for you, join us, if you have something to say or share, we want to hear from you.
April 2021
The guests of this third edition are two great passionate about letterpress, and they showed us this great project that they developed called Mano Print, but what is Mano Print? It is a mini 3D printed letterpress press, designed in the @ 30dedos workshop, with which it is possible to print with movable type, polymer plates, linoleum and acrylic. If you want to know more, head over to @ manoprint.press
March 2021
Marta Cerda tells us in a short interview at TypeThursday Mexico City a little about who she is behind designing the fascinating graphic pieces that she executes mixing letters and illustration.
You can find the full talk at the following link:

March 2021
the second edition in March was a special that recognized the trajectory of renowned and talented women in type design in Latin America. The special guests who gave a talk were @tassiananunezcosta, @luisabaeta, @mukmonsalve, @ sindy.ethel and @tnwoman_.
In parallel, critics were made on lettering and typography with the great specialist team made up of: @ ro.hernandezz, @ceci_dcd and @jassielarts.

In good time, a great event.

February 2021
Well, they say practice makes perfect. For this reason, in the first edition of #TypeThursdayMXC, the guests went, from Chile to @dcargarmaxima, and from Mexico it was @ rotulos.bautista and @bhuma_dasa who spoke of street graphic poetry with the beautiful trade of traditional sign painting.

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