Written by Tipastype and me, when we began to write it we were clear that typography should not be a complicated terrain for its understanding and practical use. That is why we created this quick and efficient reference book, which facilitates the understanding and learning of complex content, through agile and clear graphics and texts. The idea is to allow the user to take advantage of fonts so that working with them is faster and more professional, and thus enhance the content of their projects.

The Book is thought as a guide whose topics range from the smallest details to more complex topics, encompassing advanced uses of a font. For example, in Chapter 1 (Looking at the Handwriting) we will dwell on the ins and outs of type shapes to understand how they work. Then in Chapter 2 (Observing the Source), we covered the resources that come within the source software. In chapter 3 (Font types) we take a tour of the different formats and use permissions. And finally in chapter 4 (The letter in action) we will give you advice on typographic use.

In addition, we include a catalog of all the fonts used in the book (more than 60). A small compendium that will allow you to know the source, its author, and where you can buy it.

If you want to exploit the maximum benefits of a typeface and develop professional projects this book is for you!

When you buy the book, you receive the free elementype font, designed by Mónica Munguía for you to use in your designs.

Elementype . Book in Spanish 
Total: $27 USD o $575. 20 MXN
If you want to buy the book and you live in Mexico City, write to me at hi@momutype.com to arrange a nearby place, and you don't have to pay for shipping.
Si quieres comprar el libro y vives en la ciudad de méxico escríbeme a hi@momutype.com para acordar un lugar cercano y no tengas que pagar el envío. 

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