Hello again, black letter is the thesis project of the German @andreasblindert

hello again, black letter is dedicated to the genre of blackletter typefaces, their historical importance, the prejudices against them, but also their gradual return to the world of 21st century design. Although the existing stigmas are reduced by increasing its use, its use often still brings certain associations with it.Provides historical context and interviews with designers from around the world, we see contemporary gothic typefaces and at the same time presents its own typeface Helena, a hybrid of contemporary Romano-Gothic typeface, “hello again, black letter” wants to celebrate the return of the blackletter type and bring the concept of brokenscript to a new generation of designers and give them tools for a new way of seeing blackletter font.

We see in «Perspektiven» interviews ten designers from all over the world, their fonts, their thoughts and perspectives on blackletter typeface. Interviewed among others were ason and Lindsay Mannix @polygraphcreative, Daan Jesper Kars & Casper Herselmann @daankars & @attak, Alisa Nowak, Mónica Munguía @momutype, Daniel Sabino @blackletra, Leo Colalillo @leocolalillo, Alexandre Saumier Demers, Simon Bent @studio__io Nóra Békés, Hugo d'Alte @hugoalte

Images of the interview he conducted with me from Black Moon
More images of other projects from the interviewees
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