A conversation series by Jessica Walsh, presented in Mexico City by PaM Elizalde. Rebeca Anaya, Alina Kiliwa and I will present the evening talk "Ladies Type and Logos" where we will share our professional career and review the work of other colleagues and students who are on the way to the letter. All this during a delicious dinner and wine.
Thyrsa free
Thyrsa Typeface

Thyrsa is not a “revival” as such, but it takes up the style of the letter from the cover of the book “The Misfortunes of Elphin” from 1829.

Designed to run poster size with wide horizontal aspect ratio, its pointed features and ends give it a strong character, and it has some alternate characters that give it personality. Her multilingual “uppercase” set was given away at the "Ladies Type & Logos CDMX on July 11, 2020” talk.

It was developed to support the creative industry in these times of confinement and is a source to be enjoyed.

A peculiarity that Thyrsa has is the way his set was designed, since he was thinking of only building the tall ones and when they were ready, designing the feminine ordinal «a», we realized that the design of the letter «and" It was very beautiful and we undertook the task of developing the casualties to have the complete source and be able to market it.

We have Thyrsa uppercase free in these times of confinement. We hope you like it and do not forget to share your designs to see them in use.
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