International Festival of Electronic Arts and Video Transitio_mx 04, Colateral Affection. This Festival is the most important platform in Mexico for the expression and analysis of contemporary practices of artistic creation with electronic media and digital culture. It has a biennial edition with three core activities: a symposium, a exhibition and a contest. 

The digital publications laboratory is in charge of developing its image in each edition and is coordinated by Amanda Lemus.

The main concept of the fourth festival was the affected image and the instant effect produced by a vibrant image, these concepts are reinforced by the play of colors and the overlapping of the Logo text. The typography is used as a graphic resource in the image of the festival.

My design proposal was selected by Alejandro Magallanes. 

Art direction & Graphic design . Mónica Munguía
Selection . Tipos Latinos 2012
Buttons designed by Victoria Arreola
Web Design Myriam Alcantántara
Examples of implementation on canvases, banners in the Cenart
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